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  • Mutton 65

    Crispy and fiery, this unique mutton recipe is an Indian recipe served as a starter for non-veg and fried food lovers.

  • Hyderabadi Dal Mutton Gosht

    Hyderabadi Dal Mutton gosht, as the name suggests, is a well-known Indian dish from the streets of Hyderabad. This is relished with love by non-vegetarians and contains mutton along with daal.

  • Mutton Sukka

    Mutton Sukka can be eaten any way you want. Some people have it as an evening snack to offer to parties guests, others have it for Sunday lunch with rasam and rice.

  • Mutton Tahari

    This tahari recipe is made with succulent mutton pieces dipped in a pool of aromatic spices and of course mushy rice. If you are a die-hard fan of Hyderabadi cuisine and mutton recipes, then this ...

  • Old Delhi Style Mutton Boti Masala

    Mutton Boti Masala is the perfect accompaniment you can get for your rice or roti, marinated for hours and cooked solely in the marinade itself, this is a dish very dear to a lot of ...

  • Mutton Chaap fry

    Made with quite a few ingredients and no hassle of lengthy preparations, this crunchy on the outside and juicy on the inside chaap is sure to leave you wanting for more.

  • Mutton Resha Gosht

    The recipe is Mutton resha gosht — shredded mutton mixed with fried potatoes which uses minimum ingredients but taste just exquisite.

  • Mutton and Shevla tikki

    This is a different type of dish, with its origins in the west Maharashtra , In olden days any type of mould was not available so using this method using oiled cloth ,they used to ...

  • Mutton Pepper Fry

    About Mutton Pepper Fry Recipe: Mutton pepper fry is a delicious dish that is inspired by the south Indian cuisine. With a very sharp and versatile flavour, it goes well with Malabar paratha or ...

  • Mutton Karanji With Peach Jam & Oxali

    About Mutton Karanji With Peach Jam & Oxali Recipe: An interesting blend of mutton and spices packed in karanji pockets and served with peach jam and oxali.

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