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'Peas' - 118 Recipe Result(s)

  • Mushy Peas

    Peas tossed with the distinctive flavors of butter, garlic, asafoetida, coriander and chilli powder.

  • Peas and Mint Soup

    A light and healthy soup with the goodness of peas, hint of mint and the creaminess of sour cream.

  • Green Peas Kebab

    Scrumptious kebabs made with green peas, cashew nuts, chickpea flour and a variety of spices. This can get your party started - a perfect party snack!

  • Aloo Matar Rasedaar

    An everyday dish cooked in an Indian households. Chunks of potatoes and peas tossed togethar in a masaledar gravy.

  • Gajar Matar Pulao

    Carrots, urad dal badis and peas to rice to make your meal special. This one pot meal is delicious.

  • Hara Masala Kebabs

    Kebabs made from green peas, potatoes, spinach and spices. Vegetarian and garden fresh.

  • Keema Matar

    Meat and peas sauteed in a thick mixture of stimulating flavors.

  • Khoya Matar

    Green peas cooked with khoya, tomatoes and spices. A delicately creamy side dish.

  • Khus-wala Matar

    Tender peas tossed in seasoning and spices.

  • Matar Paneer Lababdaar

    Peas and cottage cheese come together to create this mashed up yum delight.

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