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  • Lahori Tawa Tali Machchli

    About Lahori Tawa Tali Machchli: Fish fillet pieces dipped in creamy mixture of rice flour, eggs, cornflour and spices, shallow fried and served with a dried dates sauce.

  • Poached Lahori Fish with Sun Blushed Red Chillies and Imli Pesto

    Surmai fillets pickled in a poaching liquid, served with filled red chillies dried in the oven, garnished with an imli pesto.

  • Steamed Fish

    Fish fillets smeared with tomato chutney, wrapped in banana leaf and steamed perfect.

  • Samandari Khazana

    Prawns and fish are marinated in a host of spices, cream and flours, cooked perfect on charcoal.

  • Miso Coconut Basa

    Basa fish pieces marinated in a mixture of kafir lime leaves, lemon, coconut milk, miso paste and seasoning, cooked in an oven and served hot.

  • Kaghzi Kebab

    About Kaghzi Kebab Recipe: Kebabs are a variety of grilled dishes mainly made of meat, cooked on a skewer. Originated in Turkey, Kebabs are now a part of the global cuisine with various types of ...

  • Potatoes Bhujia with Besan ki Roti

    About Potatoes Bhujia with Besan ki Roti Recipe: Potatoes stirred in with masalas, curd and vegetables. Served with a besan ki roti.

  • Chicken Chaska From Gawal Mandi

    About Chicken Chaska From Gawal Mandi Recipe: Chicken cooked in a luscious and spicy paste. A delicious yet different dinner party option, this chicken dish can be served along with a host of fried vegetables.

  • Guilt Free Chicken Tacos

    About Guilt Free Chicken Taco Recipe: Scrumptious chicken served in a lettuce cup/on tortilla chips with sweet and tangy salsa dip. Try this recipe during your snack time and enjoy.

  • Anda Kaleji

    Liver and egg cooked with a range of masalas, can be served with sulemani parantha or khameeri naan.

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