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Cucumber, Black Olive and Mint SaladCucumber, Black Olive and Mint SaladA chunky salad of cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, peppery mint leaves drizzled with a black olives sauce.
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Healthy Living
Dream Come True: Chocolate is Healthy

The bar of chocolate you've secretly wanted may not be a guilty pleasure anymore! Researchers have found a way to make chocolate more nutritious.

Ramzan Special

Iftar Feasting in Mumbai

Going on an Iftar food walk in Mumbai? We present to you, a curated list of the 8 absolute must-haves this Ramzan.

Monsoon Munchies
Churros with Chocolate Sauce

Is the weather dampening your spirits? We've rounded up rainy day recipes you simply can't resist, from piping hot pakodas to scrummy snacks.

The Best Restaurants Recipes

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Q. How to Melt Chocolate? A. Chocolate should always be melted over low heat. You should remove from the heat before it’s fully melted. Stirring is very important. If you are using a microwave, keep stirring every 20 to 30 seconds. If you are using a double boiler, make sure the water is simmering and not boiling.
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