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Coconut GujiyaCoconut GujiyaHoli celebrations are incomplete without this traditional sweet. Dumplings made of maida, filled with a delicious filling of khoya, mava, coconut and pistachio. Deep fried and dipped in a sugar syrup.
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Holi - Festive Favourites

Apple Kheer

Fusion is the flavour of the season. One of the simplest and most satisfying desserts gets a fruity makeover.

Three Bean Chaat

Light dishes for bright days. Make the most of new fruits, fresh veggies and vibrant flavours.

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Q. What do you mean by flambe? A. It is a technique in which foods are topped with alcohol and set on fire. The process leaves behind a subtle taste of alcohol lingering in the food. Liquors like rum, brandy or cognac are used to flambe foods over beer, wine or champagne.