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Karare Murgh ke PasandeKarare Murgh ke PasandeChicken breast marinated in a herb based coconut-y paste, coated in semolina and pan fried. A crisp treat that is perfect for a dinner party. Simple to cook yet fancy to serve!
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Kolhapuri Vegetables

Lunch helps you recover from the first half of your day and recharges you for what’s about to come next. Here are some quick fixes for you.

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Q. How to Prevent Milk From Curdling? A. When cooking with milk make sure that you keep a check on the temperature. Cook over medium-low or low heat to prevent curdling. In case of curdling, give a stir, toss and start again. Try adding cornstarch or flour to milk, the starch will prevent curdling and thicken the milk.