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Chilled Mango CheesecakeChilled Mango CheesecakeMade with mango puree, hung curd and cream - this cheesecake is smooth as silk and too good to be true! Spruce it up with chocolate sauce and served chilled.
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Coffee O' Clock
Coffee May Lower Risk of Diabetes

Calling all coffee lovers! Studies suggest that drinking 4 cups of coffee a day may decrease an individual's risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

Independence Day Special

10 Best Indian Desserts

There is no denying the fact, that desserts give a befitting end to any meal! Especially Indian desserts, ranging from Galub Jamun to Payasam.

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Q. What is Pesto? A. Traditionally pesto refers to an Italian paste of basil, oil, pine nuts, garlic and parmesan. It can also be made from a variety of herbs and different nuts. It is served with pasta, vegetables or breads.
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