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Eggless Truffle CakeEggless Truffle CakeThe good old chocolate truffle, only this time it's eggless! A soft sponge layered with a creamy, dark chocolate ganache.
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Aloo Bhaji

Lunch helps you recover from the first half of your day and recharges you for what’s about to come next. Here are some quick fixes for you.

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Q. I Tried Roasting Nuts and They Ended Up a Bit Burnt With a Bitter Flavor. What Went Wrong? A. Toasting intensifies the flavor of nuts. Nut are delicate and can go from perfectly toasty to charred in seconds. Keep tossing the nuts and stir frequently so that the nuts brown evenly. Nuts tend to brown on the bottom more quickly, so be careful with that. Perfectly roasted nuts are golden brown with a smoky aroma
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