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  • Methi Palak Gobhi

    Boiled Methi palak mixed with veggies and onion paste.

  • Methi Paratha

    Parantha stuffed with the goodness of methi (fenugreek leaves) mildly spiced.

  • Fresh Methi Chicken

    Tender chicken chunks cooked with assorted spices and fresh methi (fenugreek) leaves.

  • Methi Chicken

    Robust food cooked with simple ingredients and basic techniques. Marinated pieces of chicken thighs cooked with the aroma of kasoori methi.

  • Methi Aloo

    Fenugreek leaves or methi cooked with potatoes and spices make for a hearty dish.

  • Methi Ka Thepla

    Flour kneaded with methi, ginger, chilies, herbs and yogurt and made into crisp paranthas.

  • Methi Paneer

    Soft and tender paneer teamed with garden fresh methi saag. Relish this easy to make paneer delicacy in the comfort of your kitchen.

  • Methi Parantha (My Yellow Table)

    A quick and easy way to kick-start your day. Simple ingredients and even simpler steps to roll out these delectable parathas.

  • Murgh Methi Malai

    Chicken curried in yoghurt and cream with an added flavour punch of kasoori methi.

  • Paneer Methi Satay

    This tasty yet healthy paneer recipe gives you a fantastic dose of protein and calcium. Not just that, the crunchy bell peppers provide you with Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folate and a punch of antioxidants.

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