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Sooji HalwaSooji HalwaA quick, easy and delicious halwa often cooked in Indian homes. Sooji Halwa is often served as a prasad on Ashtami pooja
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SATTVIKO - Arbi Kofta With Mint Yogurt Dip

Arbi Kofta is the perfect tea-time snack for you to try out during the Navratras. It is prepared with kuttu ka aata and accompanied with the ever versatile mint-yogurt dip

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Q. How To Use Kuttu Atta To Create Stellar Dishes? A. Buckwheat or kuttu is gluten free and has a more rustic, earthy flavour to it. When made into pancakes, puris and the like, it gives a slight brownish tinge to the dishes. Because it lacks gluten, handling the flour is not an easy task. Start experimenting in the kitchen and mix the buckwheat flour with water chestnut, which works as a binding agent to make the flour come together in the various dishes