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Ghutti Hui Gobhi RecipeGhutti Hui Gobhi RecipeMashed cauliflower/gobhi rolled in a bed of ingredients
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Eating Fish May Help You Live Longer: 5 Benefits of Eating Fish Daily

Eating Fish May Help You Live Longer: 5 Benefits of Eating Fish Daily

According to a latest study published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, consuming fish and other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids may lower the risk of early death from diseases like cancer, and heart disorders

Natural Beauty
Amazing Ways To Use Cranberries For Your Skin And Hair

Glossy red in colour and round in shape, cranberries have a strong yet a delectable flavour. Cranberries are considered are as a super food and the credit goes to its healthy nutrients that are beneficial for our health

Nutrition Watch
Top 7 Foods That Induce Menstruation: Induce Periods, The Natural Way

Here's a list of top 7 foods, which are easily available at home and are sworn by our grandmas as great for consumption before and during the periods

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RAASTA- Grilled Minty Chicken With Veggie Salad

Juicy chicken breasts marinated with olive oil, lime and mint leave and grilled to perfection. Serve a fresh veggie salad to round off the dish

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Q. What Type Of Chocolate Should You Buy For Tempering? A. While buying chocolates, avoid picking the ones that say bittersweet and semi-sweet, as they are not usually preferred for tempering. The easiest chocolate to temper has additional cocoa butter added; it's a special kind of chocolate, which is tailor-made for tempering and dipping
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