Valentine's Day 2019: 11 Most Romantic Recipes | Best Valentine's Day Recipes

NDTV Food  |  Updated: January 29, 2019 17:15 IST

Valentine's Day 2019: 11 Most Romantic Recipes | Best Valentine's Day Recipes
  • Valentine's Day is a day of love
  • Theres is, of course, the food of love also known as aphrodisiacs
  • Being served a good meal can really make you feel loved

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Valentine's Day Recipes- It's that time of the year again when everything from the weather to our mood is a bit romantic. It's the most perfect setting when love is in the air, joy in our heart and good food on our plates. Valentine's Day is a day of love and goes without saying that there's a lot to love about food. There's is, of course, the food of love also known as aphrodisiacs. These are foods that can make your heart race and fill you up with a fuzzy feeling. Now, whether that's true or not, you decide but what we know is that being served a good meal can really make you feel loved.

This Valentine's Day 2019, do something special. From delicious dinner to lovely dessert recipes, we've done all the planning for you so you don't have to. There's something for everyone and every kind of feeling.

Stop blushing and get cooking our best Valentine's day recipes, you won't be disappointed. We promise.

Comments1. Valentine Pizza

Well, the name says it but this pizza is actually more than that. Freshly made pizza crust topped with cherry tomatoes, Gruyere cheese, salami, black olive and everything you love.

 A delight for the eyes and taste buds.

2. Creamy Mushroom Soup

This one is loaded with the goodness of vegetables, subtle spices and a handful of exotic mushrooms. A creamy and rich mushroom soup with flavours that will seduce you. So, you've been warned.

almond and mushroom soup
A heartwarming soup to delight your special one.

3. Love Cake

May be it's true. Some ingredients can actually put you in the mood. Whip this cake up with aphrodisiacal ingredients and know for sure.

love cake
A sensuous recipe with aphrodisiacal ingredients like rose water, honey, nutmeg, cardamom and lemon.

4. Hot Cointreau Souffle

Light, fluffy and  delicate- all at once. Just like our feelings. Make this dessert for your health conscious partner as it uses no butter, no flour and no milk. All you need is lots of love.

Enjoy this French classic, the guilt free way.

5. Cheese Fondue

Fondue is a popular Swiss dish of melted cheese with an array of accompaniments like toasted bread, crudités and fresh fruits that are dip in the cheesy mix and enjoyed.

chesse fondue
Emmenthaler and Gruyere cheese melted and drizzled with some white wine.

6. Salted Caramel Tarts

A little bit sweet and a little bit salty but just enough to tease you both. These freshly baked tartlets are made with chocolate, salted caramel, butter and cream.

These bite sized chocolate and caramel tarts are perfect to impress your special someone. 

7. Grilled Citrus Fish

Tender sole fish grilled to perfection and then drizzled with a garlicky and orangey sauce. Everything you're looking for in one dish.

A tangy, citrusy dish full of flavour and nutrients is right here!

8. Honey Chicken Wings

Sweet and saucy, this one will make you want to lick your fingers. No naughty thoughts, please.

chicken wings
Chicken wings marinated in a variety of spices and seared.

9. Kiwi Margarita

Strawberries are old school, make way for our new hero that'll some fun and curiosity to your date night. The sweetness of fresh and innocent kiwis masks the deadly hit of tequila. That's what you want, don't you?

kiwiRefresh yourself after a long day of work with this summer fruit margarita and a boozy punch.

10. Baked Eggs

Nothing like a breakfast in bed for a cozy start to your day. Bake these beautiful eggs with cherry tomatoes, spinach, cream, butter and some fresh parsley. Chances are you wouldn't want to get out bed!

baked eggs
A quick brunch dish made with just a handful of ingredients. 

11. Strawberry Mess with Fruit Coulis

Just five basic ingredients and 20 minutes is all needed to prepare this extremely delicoius and easy dish for your Valentine. Berries, whipped cream, strawberries and sigar comes together for a chilled and exotic dish.

A fruity mess worth every bite.

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