Chicken Curry Recipe

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  • Malabar Chicken Curry

    Aromatic and delectable, Malabar chicken curry is a special Kerala-style chicken curry that is cooked in coconut oil and curry leaves followed by mustard seeds.

  • Chicken Banjara Curry

    A chicken lover’s paradise, chicken banjara curry is made with juicy and succulent pieces of chicken dipped into fiery gravy made with exotic spices and onion and tomato paste.

  • Tariwala Chicken

    Tariwala chicken is all about masalas and spicy gravy. The chicken is cooked in a flavorful gravy that will surely give your tongue a wholesome sensation.

  • Chicken Salna

    Chicken Salna is a well-known street side dish in southern parts of Tamil Nadu. Simple, quick and easy-to-make, salna is a thin gravy usually made with mutton or chicken stock along with other flavourful spices.

  • Nadan Kozhi Curry

    Nadan Kozhi Curry is a traditional Kerala-style chicken curry which is made with succulent chicken chunks simmered in flavourful coconut oil or milk followed by some aromatic lightly roasted spices.

  • Kadaknath Chicken Curry

    Kadaknath curry is a village style chicken curry recipe made with tender pieces of black chicken and very light masala. It is eaten with a crispy and thin roti so that the flavour and texture ...

  • Dhaba-Style Chicken

    About Dhaba-Style Chicken Recipe: For all the chicken lovers, here is a delicious chicken curry right from yout favourite dhaba! Chicken sauteed in onion tomato masala, flavoured with aromatic spices and served with your favourite ...

  • Andhra Style Chicken Curry

    About Andhra Style Chicken Curry Recipe: Also known as Andhra Kodi Kura, this chicken curry recipe is by Chef Srinu from the Southern Spice restaurant. Andhra cuisine is famous for its fiery hot and spicy ...

  • Spicy Ginger Chicken Curry

    Fiery chicken curry with whole red chillies and the warm, intense flavor of ginger.

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