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  • tamarind rice hindi

    चावल एक ऐसी डिश है जिसे आप कुछ ही मिनटों में तैयार कर सकते हैं। चावल को भी कई तरह से बनाया जाता है और आज हम आपको बताने जा रहे है इमली राइस। यह ...

  • green chilli pickle hindi

    सरसों के तेल, इमली और मसालों को मिलाकर हरी मिर्च का आचार घर पर बना सकते हैं। जिन लोगों को थोड़ा तीखा खाने का शौक है उन्हें हरी मिर्च का अचार काफी पसंद आएगा। हरी ...

  • Beerkaya Pachadi

    This Andhra-style ridge gourd chutney is taste with nutrition. It can be mixed with rice or eaten with dosa or rotis and is very easy to make.

  • Quail Legs with Tamarind Glaze and Fig Chutney

    A gourmet plate featuring tangy glazed quail legs served with a freshly made fig chutney.

  • Sonth ki Chutney (Vrat)

    A tangy tamarind chutney that can turn around any meal, Sonth ki Chutney is a classic accompaniment to any snack and is just perfect during the fasting period of Navratri.

  • Bendakaya Pulusu (Okra in Tamarind Gravy)

    Okra in tamarind gravy or Bendakaya pulusu is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh. The okra fried in mustard seeds is soaked in a pulp rich tamarind sauce that makes it sour and tangy.

  • Ambal

    Prepare a bowlful of khatta meetha pumpkin, the Dogri style. Serve with steamed rice and rajma.

  • Khatti Meethi Phaliyan

    Stir fried beans tossed with some tamarind, jaggery and a spicy coconut mixture. It's easy to make and full of Gujarati flavors. A little sweet, a little tangy!

  • Tamarind Rice

    A tangy rice dish made with channa and urad dals, infused with the flavor of tamarind pulp.

  • Sirkewala Pyaaz

    We love to gorge on this tangy red onions in restaurants why not make them at home and stock up?

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