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  • tamarind rice hindi

    टैमरिंड राइस रेसिपी/ इमली राइस : चावल एक ऐसी डिश है जिसे आप कुछ ही मिनटों में तैयार कर सकते हैं। चावल को भी कई तरह से बनाया जाता है और आज हम ...

  • green chilli pickle hindi

    ग्रीन चिली अचार रेसिपी : जिन लोगों को थोड़ा तीखा खाने का शौक है उन्हें हरी मिर्च का अचार काफी पसंद आएगा। सरसों के तेल, इमली और मसालों को मिलाकर हरी मिर्च ...

  • Beerkaya Pachadi

    This Andhra-style ridge gourd chutney is taste with nutrition. It can be mixed with rice or eaten with dosa or rotis and is very easy to make.

  • Quail Legs with Tamarind Glaze and Fig Chutney

    A gourmet plate featuring tangy glazed quail legs served with a freshly made fig chutney.

  • Sonth ki Chutney (Vrat)

    A tangy tamarind chutney that can turn around any meal, Sonth ki Chutney is a classic accompaniment to any snack and is just perfect during the fasting period of Navratri.

  • Bendakaya Pulusu (Okra in Tamarind Gravy)

    Okra in tamarind gravy or Bendakaya pulusu is a popular dish in Andhra Pradesh. The okra fried in mustard seeds is soaked in a pulp rich tamarind sauce that makes it sour and tangy.

  • Sticky Tamarind Chicken Wings

    Sticky Tamarind Chicken Wings Recipe : Sticky Tamarind Chicken Wings Coated with soy sauce, tamarind puree and jaggery or honey, chicken wings are fried crisp.

  • Ambal

    Prepare a bowlful of khatta meetha pumpkin, the Dogri style. Serve with steamed rice and rajma.

  • Khatti Meethi Phaliyan

    Stir fried beans tossed with some tamarind, jaggery and a spicy coconut mixture. It's easy to make and full of Gujarati flavors. A little sweet, a little tangy!

  • Tamarind Rice

    About Tamarind Rice Recipe: A tangy rice dish made with channa and urad dals, infused with the flavor of tamarind pulp. Tamarind rice is actually a north Indian version of Pulihora or Puliyodharayi, where the ...

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