10 Best South Indian Recipes for Lunch

   |  Updated: April 27, 2017 19:10 IST

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10 Best South Indian Recipes for Lunch
Lunch time should be a memorable meal, after all you do need a good break while at work or even home. But then again, not all of us have the luxury of cooking scrumptious meals, and as such we always resort to easier options which save us time but aren’t always healthy. The truth is that there are various lip-smacking recipes that you can dish out in a matter of a few minutes. Yes, it’s a fact. And if you love South Indian food, you lunch option galore can be endless with so many delectable recipes to try.

Those who are familiar with South Indian food will know that the various regional dishes come packed with flavor. Even a simple plate of sambar and rice can make you feel happy and satisfied to the core. Rice of course is an important ingredient and as such one gets to see many rice-based creations such as tamarind rice, tomato rice, puliyogare, curd rice, bisi bele bath, among others that make for great lunch options. Moreover, they are super easy to dish out at home so cooking them is a breeze.

If you love veggies then you can cook them the South Indian way using ingredients like mustard seeds, curry leaves, grated coconut, tamarind, etc. Drumstick, brinjal, beans, cabbage and sprouts commonly feature in the South Indian lunch menu. For meat lovers, you can make flavorful stews and curries. For a more elaborate affair, how about trying the Malabar Fish Biryani or Mangalorean Fish Gassi? Tempted? Try our 10 best South Indian lunch recipes -

1. Tamarind Rice
Recipe by ChefNiru Gupta

A tangy rice dish made with channa and urad dal, infused with the flavour of tamarind pulp. You can enjoy it with papad and pickle on the side.
tamarind rice

2. Arachu Vitta Sambar
Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

This sambar recipe is made with urad dal, tur dal and a little channa dal, along with drumsticks, coconut, tamarind and spices.

3. Malabar Fish Biryani
Recipe by Chef Abida Rasheed

This classic Malabar Fish Biryani can be devoured at all times. Enjoy the delicious taste of this ever-charming dish.
fish biryani

4. Avial with Kerala Red Rice
Recipe by Chef Joey Mathew

Avial is a traditional south Indian dish from Kerala. A thick mixture of vegetables like drumsticks, potatoes and carrots are cooked in coconut oil and mustard seeds. Served with red rice.
 Recipe by Chef Aditya Bal

Bendekaayi Gojju is a bhindi recipe from South India that belongs to Kannada cuisine. It's sweet, tangy and very masaledar.
6. Mango Kuzhambu
Recipe byNithya Ravi

A beautiful curry with the tangy combination of mango and tamarind and the perfect punch of spice.

mango curry

7. Puliyogare
Recipe by Viji Varadarajan

A popular lunch treat in South Indian, this spicy rice is best teamed with coconut chutney.
puliyogare 625

8. Aatukkari Kuzhambu with Steamed Rice

South Indian lamb curry with coconut milk, tamarind and curry leaf tempering. Pair it with rice and enjoy your afternoon!
mutton curry

9. Fish Gassi
Recipe by Niru Gupta

A delicious fish curry, cooked in a coconut and masala paste, simmered in tamarind paste and coconut milk.

10. Ariti Pooru Kobri
Recipe by Chef K.K.Nair, Taj Residency, Vishakapatnam

Ariti Pooru Kobri is made from banana flowers, curry leaves, mustard seeds, red chillies and coconut. This dish hails from Andhra Pradesh, South India.
banana flower

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