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Apple Pie

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Apple Pie

Apple Pie


:Joey Matthew

Recipe Servings


Recipe Cook Time

:1 Hour 10 Minutes

As American as an apple pie. A truly delightful pie recipe with the goodness of fresh apples and the aroma of cinnamon.


  • 125 gms flour

    100 gms butter(cold)

    2 Tbsp water

    1 egg

    1 apple (peeled and thinly sliced)

    2 Tbsp of brown sugar

    Pinch of cinnamon powder


In  a bowl lightly knead flour with the cold butter.

Add few spoons of water to make the dough compact.

Pack the dough in a plastic film and rest for half an hour in the fridge.

Place the apples in a bowl. Mix some brown sugar and cinnamon to the apples.

Once the dough is set place it between two plastic cling film sheets and roll it out to form a flat round disc.

Place the apples in a baking dish.

Remove the cling film sheets from the rolled out dough and place it on top of the apples.

Make incisions using a fork to the dough for the air to escape.
Brush the pastry with whisked egg.

Bake the pie at 200°C for 15 minutes, then lower the temperature to 180°C and let it bake for another 20 minutes.

Key Ingredients: All purpose flour, butter, egg, apples, brown sugar, cinnamon