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'Meat' - 340 Recipe Result(s)

  • Bhindiwala Meat

    An aromatic meat preparation. Meat cooked with bhindi (okra), tomatoes and loads of masalas.

  • Machgand (Meat Curry)

    This recipe belongs to the Kashmiri Wazwan cuisine. A curry with minced meat rounds, packed with traditional spices.

  • Uttaranchali Meat Curry

    Meat cooked with tomatoes and a spicy garlic chutney. Whip up a spicy and tangy curry, Uttaranchal style.

  • Spaghetti Meat Balls

    Juicy and succulent meat balls enticed with saucy spaghetti. Perfetto Italiano!

  • Meat Lasagne

    Layer after layer of cheesy explosion and gorgeous meat, this comes quite close to heaven.

  • Meat Loaf

    Minced meat baked into a loaf with a tomato topping, served with a refreshing rice salad.

  • Safed Maas

    Relish the creamy texture, nutty aroma and subtle spices of this authentic Rajasthani meat curry. Meat is boiled and cooked with masalas, almond-cashew paste and a generous helping of cream, milk and curd.

  • Coconut Meat Curry

    Mutton pieces are cooked together with crispy brown onions and a creamy blend of masalas and coconut milk.

  • Boulettes de Moutons aux Epinards

    Minced meat balls doused in a creamy tomato and spinach curry. Served with steamed rice.

  • Dal Gosht

    All you need with this meat and lentil one pot dish are plain rotis.

'Meat' - 209 Article Result(s)

  • Eating Processed Meat May Up Gut Cancer Risks

    Those red meat balls and ready-to-eat nuggets that you pick up from the supermarket may actually put you at an increased risk of developing gut cancer, scientists have warned. In humans, they have found the ...

  • World's First Cookbook for Lab-Grown Meat Full of Macabre Recipes

    Dutch-based scientists, chefs and artists launched the world's first cookbook for lab-grown meat - serving up a bizarre assortment of test-tube dishes including roast raptor leg, dodo nuggets and in-vitro oysters."The In Vitro Meat Cookbook" ...

  • Vegetarians Should Try Meat Substitutes at Their Own Risk!

    I distinctly remember the first time I tasted fake meat. The plate arrived with what looked like sausages - the shape was intact but the colour was a little pale. The taste was so revolting ...

  • Red Meat, Pork Improve Fertility

    Nutrients found in red meat play an important role in fertility levels and the general health of women and men planning a pregnancy, says an expert.The intake of red meat and pork can make a ...

  • Lab-Grown Meat Burger May Hit Stores in Five Years

    The Dutch team that crafted the world's first lab-grown meat burger, which cost 215,000 pounds to make, says a cheaper version of the product could hit the market in five years.

  • Meat pie: a great Australian dish

    Taste a meat pie and you taste Australia - and debate still rages over whether the tomato sauce should be chilledWhat do you call a seven-course meal in Australia? A pie and a six-pack. Or ...

  • A Meaty Affair: What Makes Smoked Meat So Special

    Smoking meat is an ancient culinary method that was invented as means of preserving food for a longer time. Years later, we still haven't been able to give it up.

  • Processed Meat Intake May Lead to Cancer: WHO

    In a landmark statement, IARC has ruled that processed meat was classified as carcinogenic to humans.

  • Is Red Meat Making You Age Faster?

    A diet containing too much red meat and not enough fruits and vegetables could increase your body's 'biological age'.

  • 'Vegetarian Butcher' Transforms Plants Into 'Meat'

    Dutch vegetarian butcher takes on the 'FrankenburgerNever mind last month's revolutionary test-tube beef burger grown from meat stem cells. The Dutch are way ahead with a "vegetarian butcher" who transforms plants into "meat".Dubbed the "Frankenburger",...