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  • Idli Dhokla

    Till now you must have had idli and dhokla as separate dishes. But to give you a twist of taste, here we have a delicious recipe of idli dhokla that you'll love to devour.

  • Idli Tikki

    As interesting as idli Tikki sounds, we can assure you that it is also delicious. This recipe can be easily made with leftover idlis, and it also has a nutritional twist since you can add ...

  • Idli Fries

    With a crispy outside and soft, melt-in-mouth texture from inside — this new variety will definitely be loved by people of all ages.

  • Poha Idli

    The poha idli is simple to make and has a fluffy texture, just like the regular rice idli. You can quickly whip up the batter of poha idli with everyday home ingredients, and trust us, ...

  • Cucumber Idli

    Cucumber Idli is an instant breakfast popular in the Karnataka and Konkani region of the country. It is a different variation of breakfast that you should definitely try; it does not require fermentation, soaking, or ...

  • Aloo Suji Idli

    A bite into this dish, you will get a completely new taste. So if you also want to try making a simple and delicious stuffed idli, then you should surely try aloo suji idli!

  • Batata vada idli

    If you are bored of having the usual idli again and again, try this innovative and delicious batata vada stuffed idli. We are sure, it is going to be your next favourite snack recipe.

  • Chinese Idli

    Chinese Idli is an interesting and innovative Indo-Chinese recipe. Made with Idli chunks and chopped veggies followed by some tempting sauces, this quick and easy recipe can be a perfect snack and even appetizer.

  • Goli Idli

    Rice balls steamed, cooked and served with your favorite tomato chutney. This innovative goli idli recipe is so easy to make and requires just a few ingredients.

  • Idli tikka

    A lip-smacking fusion of South Indian and North Indian cuisine.

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