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  • bihari fish curry hindi

    आप में से कई लोगों ने फिश करी खाई होगी लेकिन बिहार की फिश करी का अपना एक अलग स्वाद होता है। बिहारी फिश करी में जीरे, धनिया पाउडर और राई का अलग स्वाद आता ...

  • Bihari Fish Curry

    A typical way of cooking fish in Bihar or by the Bihari community is what makes Bihari Fish Curry different.The secret of this spicy curry is the typical masala. The masala is made from Coriander, ...

  • Thekua

    Thekua Recipe: Learn how to make thekua with key ingredients like flour or maida, ghee, sugar and more. Thekua is one of the most loved sweet snack in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Jharkhand.

  • Stuffed Bati

    Baati is a popular Rajasthani bread snack. In this recipe a paneer and spice stuffing is used. Traditionally you mash the baati then pour ghee, chutney and dal over it.

  • Dal Bhari Puri

    Puris stuffed with a flavorsome moong dal mixture.

  • Chokha

    Aditya sets up his kitchen and cooks a Ghazipur style chokha, to which he adds his own special twist! Charred brinjals cooked with tomatoes, mashed potatoes, green chillies and onions.

  • Litti

    Litti is a popular snack of Bihar made with sattu. This version is filled with spices and baked.

  • Moong Dal Ki Goli

    Spicy balls of lentil in a tomato gravy.

  • Bihari Kebab

    Juicy chunks of chicken marinated in the flavors of yoghurt and poppy seed paste and then barbecued untill golden.

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