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  • Chicken Majestic

    This semi-dry snack from Andhra Pradesh is extremely popular in Hyderabad. The fried chicken is cooked in tantalizing flavours of soy sauce, garlic and garam masala to give this hot and crispy chicken snack.

  • Rajasthani Haldi Sabzi

    For you to indulge in the maximum benefits of turmeric this year, here we bring you a recipe of Rajasthani haldi sabzi!

  • Kashmiri Harissa

    Kashmiri harissa is basically an authentic and traditional mutton curry recipe that is usually eaten during winters and best served with Kashmiri bread known as Kashmiri Tchot.

  • Veg Jaipuri

    Veg Jaipuri is basically a curry made with a variety of seasonal vegetables along with a pool of aromatic spices. On days when you don't feel like preparing a wholesome meal, you can try ...

  • Punjabi Lotus Stem Chicken Curry

    This chicken curry is an extremely flavorful and aromatic dish that is made with rich Indian spices; tomato base gravy and an aromatic lotus stem stock that is made by boiling the lotus stem with ...

  • Veg Patiala

    For the uninitiated, Veg Patiala is a lip-smacking curry made with a tomato-based gravy, shredded paneer, cream, ghee, and a special addition – mixed veg stuffed papad.

  • Prawn Ambotik

    Rich, creamy, satisfying and scrumptious, this prawn curry recipe will increase your love for seafood.

  • Jhajariya

    Jhajariya is a pudding/halwa which is made with tender sweet corn powder. The use of ghee and milk brings a unique flavor to this dish, it feels creamy and rich; the added nuts give it ...

  • Kolhapuri Kat Vada

    Straight from the street of Kolhapur, kat vada (also known as usal vada) is a recipe which is known for its spicy sauces. It is basically a curry-based snack that includes fried batata vada (potato ...

  • Philadelphia Roll

    Philadelphia roll is a makizushi type of sushi generally made with smoked salmon, cream cheese, and cucumber. This trio of ingredients delivers a balanced sweet, tangy and savory element to the recipe. Serve it with ...

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