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  • fig mousse (sugar free) hindi

    बचपन के कई स्वाद हमें ज़िंदगी भर याद रहते हैं। ये डेज़र्ट उन्हें में से एक है। किसी भी तरह की मील को लेने के बाद आप इस डिजर्ट को परोस सकते हैं। बनाने में ...

  • Bourbon Fig

    Who doesn't love bourbon? When it is infused with some figs, you get a mind boggling, amazing summer cocktail that leaves you with an everlasting taste.

  • roomali paneer and chutney butter hindi

    शादी और पार्टियों में अक्सर पनीर की कई बेहतरीन रेसिपीज सभी ने ट्राई की होंगी। पनीर से विभिन्न तरह के स्नैक्स बनाएं जाते हैं। आप हम आपको बताने जा रहे रुमाली पनीर और चटनी बटर ...

  • Foxtail Millet Porridge

    The richness of banana and figs is paired with the healthy and light foxtail millet. Made into a porridge, this is a heart warming breakfast and doesn't add those extra pounds.

  • Dates and Figs Fudge

    Looking for some sweet indulgence? You will love this sinful recipe which brings together dates, figs and peanut butter.

  • Quail Legs with Tamarind Glaze and Fig Chutney

    A gourmet plate featuring tangy glazed quail legs served with a freshly made fig chutney.

  • Mawa Anjeer Roll

    A delicious Indian dessert which tastes even better than it looks. This tricoloured roll combines the flavours of pistachios, figs and almonds perfectly.

  • Fig Chutney

    Dip made with the goodness of dried figs blended in the flavors of malt and white vinegar, chillies and garlic.

  • Fig Compote

    Figs poached in delicate syrup of sugar and orange juice, and spiked with cinnamon and rum. The perfect sauce for desserts!

  • Caramelised Duck With Fig Chilli Chutney And Champ Potatoes

    Braised duck, caramelised in the oven, served with fig and chilli chutney accompanied by seasoned potato mash.

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