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  • Sabut Matar ki Sabzi

    Matar (peas) cooked tender in asafoetida, cumin seeds, mango powder and whole red chilies.

  • Matar Pattice

    Seasoned potatoes stuffed with masalas, coconut, nuts, raisins and peas, deep fried golden.

  • Khus-wala Matar

    Tender peas tossed in seasoning and spices.

  • Mangauri Matar

    Mangauri or green gram badis are added to this pea dish, giving a slight twist to the texture and flavour

  • Matar ka Paratha

    Peas and seasoning stuffed in dough and rolled out to make simmering hot paranthas.

  • Matar Luchi

    Small balls of peas and masalas stuffed in dough and deep fried.

  • Matar Pulao

    Peas and spices jazz up plain rice to make a delicious pulao.

  • Matar Paneer

    An everyday dish of cottage cheese and peas mingled in a tomato gravy.

  • Matar ka Dulma

    Peas cooked in a thick lentil paste tempered with spices.

  • Matar Paneer

    The classic recipe of peas and cottage cheese, infused with assorted masalas, herbs and potatoes.

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