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    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers' Recipes for Wild Rice Salad and Gruyre and Bacon Quiche

      Make the most of whats left of summer with two dishes that are perfect for soaking up the last of the sunshine.

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers' Recipes for Roast Chicken Marseille-Style, and Lime and Ginger Posset

      When were on holiday, no one wants to spend hours at the stove. Which is where this peppery take on roast chicken and a simple posset come in handy.

    • Thomasina Miers' Recipes for Sicilian-Style Sea Trout, and Pickled Beetroot Salad

      Don't get in a pickle about preserving food: keep it simple and reap the benefits.

    • Thomasina Miers Recipes for Sopa Azteca & Grilled Mackerel

      A smoky, spicy Mexican tomato soup, plus grilled or barbecued mackerel with a tart sauce and sharp salad.

    • Thomasina Miers' Moorish-style Barbecued Leg of Lamb & Poached Spiced Apricots

      Lunch is served: barbecued lamb with a Moorish twist, plus boozy poached apricots for afters.

    • Thomasina Mier's Recipes for Roast Aubergines with Szechuan Fragrant Pork

      An Asian take on stuffed roast aubergine, plus summery free-form pies for eating at home or on a picnic.

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers' Recipes for Tomato Gazpacho with Strawberries, and Griddled Pork Tenderloin with Crushed Broad Beans

      A refreshing, fragrant take on the classic Spanish summer soup, plus a quick and easy pork dish with creamy, herby broad beans on the side

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers' Thai-Style Barbecue Chicken and Chilled Mango Salad

      Summer's here, so celebrate with Thai-influenced barbecue chicken and refreshing Alphonso mango fruit salad

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Mier's Recipes for Chargrilling Mexican-Style

      Charring is the secret to a lot of authentic Mexican cooking, be it for fresh salsas or for complex, deep-flavoured sauces.

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers' Pea and Broad Bean Recipes

      From peas with squid and spaghetti to a broad bean and black pudding salad, theres every reason to get podding at this time of year.

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers Recipes for Using Indian Spicing to Liven Up Early Summer Meals

      Indian spicing, used judiciously, is perfect for the warmer days and evenings of early summer, be that in a baked sea trout dish or fresh and vibrant mango salad.

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers Makes the Most of Early Summer Veg

      From rocket pesto with young broad beans to a lemony, eggy classic Greek stew, there's so much you can do with early summer veg.

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers' Spanish-Style Clams with White Beans and Chocolate Rye Cake

      Clams with pasta is the go-to classic, but I prefer them with white beans. Plus why the addition of rye flour to chocolate cake mix is a real revelation.

    • Recipe: Mexican Crab Mayonnaise & Deep-Fried Duck Egg

      Its time to dive into spring cooking with two seasonal treats that look almost as good as they taste.

    • Thomasina Miers Chargrilled Vegetable Recipes

      It's not summer quite yet, but you can start barbecue season early by griddling your dinner indoors.

    • Thomasina Miers' Recipes With Tarragon

      Perk up your favourite lunch with a big bunch of spring herbs.

    • Thomasina Mier's Moroccan-Inspired Recipes

      After a trip to Marrakesh, I cant get enough of those heady, exotic spices in everything from soup to tagine

    • The Weekend Cook: Thomasina Miers' Egg Recipes

      Ive cracked it! When youre stuck for what to cook, always turn to eggs

    • Thomasina Miers' Recipes For Avocado-Dressed Broccoli & Pork Chops

      The start of spring is a time to add fresh, bright flavours to green veg

    • Spicy Skirt Steak And Pork Mince Recipes

      Cheap cuts often demand more adventurous treatment, so add mouth-watering aromatics and heady spices to lift them to a higher plane.

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