10 Best Avocado Recipes

   |  Updated: June 20, 2016 12:20 IST

10 Best Avocado Recipes

"The avocado is a food without rival among the fruits, the veritable fruit of paradise" - David Fairchild

Avocados are both creamy and buttery but minus the cholesterol and toxicity of dairy. Avocados are probably one of the only fruit that combine the protein of meat, fat of butter, vitamins and minerals of green vegetables and a nutty flavour. 

Avocados are an expensive proposition for the average man in India. They're only available in metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru and we wouldn't necessarily call it affordable. It's grown scarcely in India, maybe in some parts of Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka and better kind is imported. Which might be the reason why it's so expensive in India. 

They're are a powerhouse of health and undeniably delicious, which is as good as it gets. Sometimes referred to as the 'alligator pear' or the 'butter pear', avocados have some pretty quirky names because of their bumpy, green and pear shaped build. It's a berry like fruit with a single, round seed inside. 

The avocado tree is native to the Western Hemisphere from Mexico which is south of the Andean region. Avocados have a a greenish or yellowish flesh with a butter-like consistency and a rich, nutty flavour. They're included in salads and in many parts of the world they're also used in desserts. 

Avocados are as important to Mexican food as pudina is to Indian food. Mashed avocado is the principal ingredient in guacamole, which is a characteristic sauce in Mexican cuisine. The most popular type of avocado is called Hass avocado and it's hindi name is makhan phal which means butter fruit. 

The Art of Mindful Eating

Slice and serve them with nuts, cheese or fruits or mash them and whip up a gorgeous bowl of guacamole with salt, lime, garlic and chilli. They also make the ideal baby food, can be blended into drinks with sweet condensed milk or added to ice cream, smoothies and dips.

The Health Benefits of Avocados

According to Dr. Gargi Sharma, weight-management expert, "Avocados are extremely rich in potassium. Much more than what bananas have. They're also rich in fiber." Avocados help prevent cancer and cut the risk of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Their high fiber content and low carbohydrate content makes them an ideal fruit to eat if you're trying to lose weight. 

According to a 2014 study published in the 'The Journal of Nutrition', avocados can help regulate active Vitamin A in the body which is responsible for smooth immune functions and good vision. Avocados also have antioxidant properties and are extremely vital for maintaining a healthy looking skin.

(Eat Avocados for Glowing Skin)

Are avocados rich in fat? Yes, it's true that avocados are high-fat fruits but most of that fat is 'good fat'. It helps regulate cholesterol and at the same time, reduce bad cholesterol.

Buying and storing tips: Avocados ripen within 3-4 days after purchasing, depending on their firmness when purchased. Do not select avocados that are soft to the touch unless you plan to eat them immediately. It ripens quicker when placed beside banana and apples. Once peeled, the avocado will discolour over time. Add lemon or lime juice, store in a glass jar and they can be frozen.

Here are some quick ideas of how to use gorgeous, fleshy and creamy avocados. From dips to sandwiches, we've got it all covered. 

1.Seared Tuna with Baby Spinach and Avocado

Recipe by Chef Joey Matthew

Gorgeous tuna rubbed with black and white sesame seeds and some aromatic rosemary served with baby spinach and some creamy avocado.


2. Corn and Avocado Salad

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Make the most of the season. Corn, avocado, bell pepper, cherry tomatoes and some mildly spiced, light dressing.


3. Guacamole

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

A traditional Mexican dip, rich with avocado butter and notorious flavours for that extra zing. It can also be layered smooth on breads for a delicious spread.


4. Pearl Barley Salad with Pomegranate and Avocado

Recipe by Chef Ritu Dalmia

Add a splash of freshness to your Pearl Barley salad with chopped avocado, pomegranate and mint.


5.Chicken and Avocado Sandwich

Recipe by Chef Roopa Gulati

Every brunch menu must have this sizzling sandwich on their menu! Layer a slice of toast with the buttery avocado spread, chilli onions and spicy chicken chunks and enjoy a mouthful of goodness with every bite you take.


6. Coriander & Avocado Relish

Recipe by Chef Manju Malhi

Surprise your guests with this avocado spread. Vibrant coriander, parsley, garlic and peppers mixed with some fresh and creamy yogurt. A perfect dip to complement your evening snacks.


7.Grilled Chicken Salad

Recipe by Chefs Nikhil & Natasha

Chunks of juicy chicken, figs, avocado and mushrooms tossed with some olive oil dressing make a delightful salad. To give it that something extra, add walnuts, lettuce and pomegranate. (Recipe video)


8.Corn, Raw Mango & Avocado Salad

Recipe by Chef Vicky Ratnani

Treat yourself to a bowl full of mango, corn, avocado, and pineapple, tossed with spring onions and cherry tomatoes. Add a zingy dressing to make this salad a perfect summer relish.(Recipe video)


9.Tossed Mixed Salad

Recipe by Chef Roopa Gulati

Go creative with your choice of veggies while you add avocado slices to your salad. This easy-to-make recipe is guaranteed to be a hit for salad aficionados.


10.Thai Pork Salad

Recipe by Chef Nikhil Chib

Watch the magic unveil when garlic sauteed pork is added to a bed of veggies tossed in spicy dressing. Up the ante with bits of avocado, jalapeno and spring onions for that extra freshness.(Recipe video)



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