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  • Keema Kaleji Ki Tikki and Khubani Ki Chutney hindi

    तीखे फ्लेवर के साथ बनी टिक्की, लैंब के टुकड़ों और लीवर को खुबानी की चटनी के साथ सर्व किया जाता है।

  • Arbi Kaju Ki Tikki

    You can never have enough of Vrat ka khaana when we have so many varieties and such delicious food, that too when you are fasting! This mix of Arbi and kaju with tangy bit of ...

  • Khasta Sabudana Ki Tikki

    A delicious hot and crispy snack for the Navratri season. These Sabudana Tikkis are made of mashed potatoes along with cashews for some crunch and green chillies for a bit of spice. To make it ...

  • Spicy Aloo Tikki

    Aloo Tiikki is a popular north indian snack, usually served with Choley. You can usually find it on the street stalls of Chaat but this easy and quick recipe can help you make it at ...

  • aloo tikki hindi

    गोल गप्पे के तरह ही आलू टिक्की भी भारतीय लोगों के फेवरेट स्ट्रीट फूड में से एक है। क्रिस्पी आलू टिक्की के बीच मटर, कई तरह के मसालों और धनिए-पुदीने की चटनी के साथ तो ...

  • Masaledaar Aloo Tikki

    Much like Gol Gappas, Aloo tikki as well is one of the most favourite in Indian street food. It is a crunchy crisp mix of potato, peas and various masalas mostly accompanied with mint and ...

  • Kache Kele ki tikki

    Kacche Kele ki Tikki is a well-known Awadhi dish. This delicate dish is usually served as an accompaniment with rotis and tastes equally good with Basmati rice. Also, suited for your Navratri fasts.

  • Aloo ki Tikki

    Potatoes mashed with singhare ka atta, green chillies, coriander leaves, rock salt and shallow fried.

  • Paneer Tikki

    A quick and easy, paneer & potato roundels recipe. Made with singhare ka atta and sendha namak, this snack is perfect for the festival of Navratri.

  • Amaranth Tikkis

    Who would have thought that the humble amaranth could be transformed into something so delicious? A gluten free tikki made with amaranth seeds and stir fried vegetables that is sure to please your taste buds.

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