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    • Chicory Rocks the Salad Bowl

      The well-loved Italian chicory called radicchio, now common in North America, comes in many guises.

    • How to Make California-Style Pizzas at Home

      Making pizza dough is a great way for beginners to understand the nature of yeasted breads for what is a pizza but a type of flatbread? Its also a good introduction to the process of kneading.

    • A New Day of the Buttered Bread Has Dawned

      Good bread and good butter are two of the best things to eat in Ireland, no matter what the calendar date.

    • A Fragrant Taste of Sicily

      Sicily is covered with the indigenous herb, and it is the seasoning of choice for many a traditional dish.One of the most famous Sicilian dishes that employs the herb is pasta con le sarde, a magnificent concoction of wild fennel and sardines.

    • Thinking Chowder? Try an Iberian-Inspired Soup

      I found myself fantasizing about a soup chock-full of potatoes and some sort of fish. It would be more Portuguese or Spanish than New England, inspired by some of the salt cod and potato stews I have encountered along the Iberian Peninsula

    • Festive Tarts: Give a Savoury Spin to This Holiday Special

      For the home cook, the holidays are all about baking. The pies! The cakes! The cookies! But why not give a thought to those guests without a sweet tooth?

    • Gluten-Free (if Not Guilt-Free) Thanksgiving Desserts

      For some, perhaps most, Thanksgiving is a day of feasting bordering on gluttony.

    • Seasonal Veggie: Why You Should Dig Into Parsnips

      Parsnips are lamentably underappreciated, but they are by far the tastiest of winter vegetables, so sweet and deep-flavored, and so versatile.

    • Cornish Game Hens Are Worth the Splurge

      Cornish game hens are just chickens; very small, not very old and very tender chickens.

    • Herb Jam With a Mediterranean Pedigree

      The cookbook author Paula Wolfert has always been a trailblazer, searching for unusual recipes throughout the Mediterranean, and introducing her readers to authentic renditions of regional cooking.

    • A Steamed Lamb Shoulder, Moroccan Style

      If lamb chops or leg of lamb are the only parts of the beast you eat, youre missing out.

    • Apple Kuchen for a Sweet Jewish New Year

      I have been playing with variations on an apple kuchen recipe for years. This year, I added candied ginger, a touch of honey in the batter and a honey glaze.

    • The Key to Soupe au Pistou: Lots of Vegetables

      American Francophile cooks in the last century learned this soup, along with dozens of other French classics.

    • Tomatoes, Corn and Zucchini: Ripe for the Cooking

      Tomatoes, corn and zucchini define summer eating for me. It no doubt has something to do with my memories of childhood summers in the Midwest.

    • Summery Rice Noodles with Coconut Milk, Curry and Shrimp

      The goal is a meal that is light, bright, refreshing and restorative.

    • Greek Pie on the Skinny Side

      But these are pies in the Mediterranean sense: something thin and crisp, with a smear of savory feta cheese and herbs, rather like a tender pizza with the filling on the inside.

    • Fresh Ricotta Turns a Simple Pasta Dish Sublime

      A recent trip to Sicily reminded me just how marvellous fresh ricotta can be.

    • The Cherries on Top: Three Desserts for Summer

      And its true: The best early-summer dessert is simply a giant bowl of cherries.

    • Embracing Squid in Its Many Forms

      It's funny that people who are normally squeamish about eating oddball food have no problem with squid.

    • Italian Special: The Spring Antipasto Platter

      An Italian meal begins with the antipasto. Meant to awaken the palate and stave off initial hunger pangs, it could just be a simple platter of sliced cured meats and a few olives.

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