Our Chefs: Marut Sikka

marut sikka Famously known as India’s culinary ambassador, Marut Sikka has long been a renowned food consultant. Author of the book Indian Flavours, Marut’s understanding of Indian food goes deep.

He has been credited with creating menus for more than a dozen Indian restaurants worldwide and designing gourmet meals for clients like Atal Bihari Vajpayee and the Bachchans. Years of experience and expertise come together in the food impresario’s high profile Delhi-based restaurant Magique that specialises in the fusion of Asian foods.

A connoisseur of Indian food, Marut has spent years searching and collecting original recipes from small towns and veteran food. A specialist in Awadhi cooking, his creations have a royal touch. Liberal use of spices, a generous amount of history and dollops of trivia, Marut brings it all for you on his show - Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Tikkas.


  • Vegetable Seekh Kebab

    The all time favourite seekh kebabs full of veggies, almonds and figs. Straight from the blazing tandoor on to your dinner table!
    Recipe Tags: Indian Food
  •  Paapri Chaat

    Marut Sikka learns the art of cooking street food from Anil Kudamal from Old Delhi. Try your hand at making some some crisp paapris drizzled with sweetened curd, freshly made chutneys and chaat masala.
    Recipe Tags: Chaat
  • Coconut Gujiya

    Holi celebrations are incomplete without this traditional sweet. Khoya, mava, coconut and pistachio stuffed in maida pockets, fried and dipped in sugar syrup. Coconut gives this festive classic an interesting twist. This type of gujiya ...
    Recipe Tags: Holi
  • Coconut Burfi

    A popular Indian sweet made with coconut. This traditional sweet is mostly prepared during the festival of lights,Diwali.
    Recipe Tags: Indian Desserts
  • Malpua

    Malpua is an traditional sweet of north India. It is prepared in during the festival of Poush Sankranti in Bengal.It is also the morning food which is served to lord Jagannath in his temple.
    Recipe Tags: Diwali