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    • Tasty 'Food On A Stick' Recipes For A Fun Weekend Treat

      Forget the same old takeout food this weekend and try these fun and yummy snacks you can eat on a stick.

    • 6 Things You Must Know Before Trying A Detox Diet (#2 Is A Common Mistake)

      A detox diet can be healthy only if followed correctly. Read on to learn about common mistakes to avoid and how to detox the right way.

    • Watch: Padma Lakshmi Whips Up A Mouthwatering Sandwich Using Leftovers In Seconds

      Padma Lakshmi's leftover lunch sandwich hack will change your meal prep game.

    • Indian Recipes That Make Up A Low Cholesterol Diet - Nutritionist Approved

      Here are 5 nutritionist-approved Indian recipes that can help in cholesterol management.

    • Mango Is Back! Explore 5 Different Styles To Cut A Mango (Option 4 Is Too Pretty To Miss)

      A true mango lover has no patience to even cut the fruit. However, you can make your mango-eating experience more fun by trying these 5 chopping and slicing styles.

    • Leap Day 2024: 5 Ways Foodies Can Make The Most Of This One Extra Day

      This Leap Day 2024, make the extra day of the year count with some fun and interesting foodie indulgences.

    • Just Healthy Food Is Not Enough; Focus On Mindful Eating For Good Health

      Mindful eating comes with multiple health benefits. Read on to know more about it as well as how to practice mindful eating.

    • "I Don't Just Mimic - I Reimagine": 'Gypsy Chef' David Myers On Celebrating The World On A Plate Through His Cooking

      Celebrity Chef David Myers' ADRIFT restaurants offer a variety of cuisines in different cities across the globe. During his recent visit to Delhi, Chef Myers talked about his vision and passion for growing ADRIFT Kaya.

    • Planning Your Child's Birthday Party? Here Are 5 Fun And Fantastic Birthday Cake Ideas

      Check out some of the coolest and most exciting cake ideas for your childs upcoming birthday party.

    • Looking For Vitamin D-Rich Vegetarian Food? Here Are 5 Healthy And Tasty Indian Recipes

      Vitamin D is found naturally in several foods, but most of them are non-vegetarian. Here are 5 delicious Indian recipes that are rich in vegetarian vitamin D foods.

    • Goan-Style Brinjal Pickle Will Make You Fall In Love With Brinjal All Over Again

      This delicious Goan-style Brinjal pickle recipe will make you forget your favourite Baingan ka Bharta.

    • Eating Korean Kimchi Can Give You Radiant and Glowing Skin - Dermatologist Explains

      Kimchi is a delicious fermented Korean dish that can give you glowing skin and prevent premature ageing of the skin.

    • 5 Tips To Improve Your Spice Tolerance And Fall In Love With Spicy Food

      Want to enjoy spicy foods but cannot tolerate the heat? Here are 5 hacks to help you become a fan of spicy foods.

    • 5 Tricks To Stay A Forever Messy Eater And Still Save Your Favourite White Shirt

      Wearing white clothes while eating is a challenging task. If you have lost count of the number of white shirts you have wasted with stains, here are 5 oh-so-helpful tricks to save your white shirt while eating.

    • 5 Yummy Two-Ingredient Breakfast Recipes You Can Prepare When There Is No Time

      Are you too busy (or too lazy) to make an elaborate breakfast in the morning? Fret not, here are 5 healthy and quick two-ingredient breakfast recipes you must try.

    • 5 Food Challenge Games You Will Want To Play At Every Party

      Food games are delicious and exciting. Read on to find 5 amazing food games for your next party.

    • 3 Common Mistakes You May Be Making While Consuming Magnesium - Nutritionist Explains

      Consuming magnesium is essential for a healthy body, but are you doing it correctly? Read on to learn the right ways to meet your body's magnesium needs.

    • Is Love Changing Your Weighing Scale? How Being In A Relationship Can Cause Weight Gain

      Weight gain after being in a relationship is more common than you think. Read on to learn about the causes as well as how to lose all this extra weight.

    • Wait, What? A Sabzi Without Oil Or Ghee! Try Dr Bimal Chhajer's Viral 'Zero Oil Cooking' Recipe

      In a recent interview, cardiologist Dr Bimal Chhajer shared a "zero oil" recipe for making tomato-based Indian gravies.

    • Kareena Kapoor And Saif Ali Khan's Son Jeh Got A Spider-Man Cake For 3rd Birthday Party

      Baby Jeh has turned 3 years old, and his parents Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan ordered a Spider-Man-themed cake for their boy's birthday party.

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