Our Chefs: Nikhil Chib

nikhil chib Self-taught chef and restaurateur Nikhil Chib’s career graph is the stuff dreams are made of. From a small catering business in 1995, to Busabong in Goa, and the highly acclaimed high-end Busaba in Mumbai! Serving popular and rare South East Asian delicacies, his specialty restaurants leave their high profile clientele hungering for more.

Nikhil’s main culinary lessons have been from his extensive travels to the heart of the Asian continent, through small towns and distant villages. And this is what lends that special Asian aroma to anything he serves.

At work, chef Nikhil Chib is unmatched. He’s smart, he’s funny, and he knows his way around the kitchen really well. On his show, The Chef and his Better Half, along with his wife, Natasha Chib, they cook up the most delectable Asian selections ranging from Vietnamese to Thai to Japanese cuisines. Expect an occasional French dessert thrown in for relief but mostly with an unexpected Asian twist!


  • Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Bake a quick batch of these chocolate chip cookies and enjoy them over a cup of coffee.
    Recipe Tags: Biscuits
  • Thai Fish Cakes with Cucumber Relish

    Nikhil Chib wears his heart on his sleeve as he makes spicy 'Thai Fish Cakes' with a tangy cucumber relish for his better half natasha.
    Recipe Tags: Fish Cakes
  • Pork And Shrimp on Sugarcane Sticks

    Chef Nikhil Chib cooks a dish which he picked up from the city of Saigon, Vietnam. Ground pork and shrimp mixed with an array of spices, wrapped around a sugarcane stick, steamed and then pan ...
    Recipe Tags: Oriental
  • Thai Pork Salad

    Lean pork sauteed and tossed with salad greens, avocado, jalapenos, cucumbers, sesame oil and spring onions.
    Recipe Tags: Salads
  • Duck Spring Roll

    Cooked duck breast, orange segments, carrots, cucumber, chillies rolled in rice paper to make some delicious spring rolls. Served with a tangy orange sauce.
    Recipe Tags: Duck