Our Chefs: Roopa Gulati

roopa gulati Chef, author and culinary editor, Roopa Gulati was born in Cumbria, North-West England. Post her training at Cordon Bleu she worked as a consultant with the Taj Group of Hotels.

She currently resides in London. She is a restaurant critic and writer for magazines and guides.


  • Lamb Saute With Pasta

    Sauteed lamb with crispy mushrooms drizzled atop a hot bowl of freshly boiled pasta. It's quick, it's flavourful and extremely delicious.
    Recipe Tags: Italian
  • Gosht Ke Sev (Mutton Kebab)

    Crispy minced meat nuggets mixed with ginger-garlic paste and a mild seasoning are served on a bed of cucumbers and crunchy onions.
    Recipe Tags: Kebab
  • Ginger Fizz

    This drink made with soothing flavours of ginger, lime, cinnamon and cloves will help you freshen up instantly.
    Recipe Tags: Ginger
  • Algerienne Fish

    Algerienne fish is a tangy French recipe. Fish fillets are marinated in lemon juice, baked and topped with a freshly made tomato sauce.
    Recipe Tags: Fish
  • Whole Baked Raan

    This rustic and hearty raan boasts of a shahi taste that will leave you wanting more.
    Recipe Tags: Meat
  • Tuna Mousse

    A delicate mousse to grace your dinner party! Made with tuna, mayo, herbs, cream and served with a refreshing cucumber sauce.
    Recipe Tags: Fish
  • Poached Salmon with Prawns

    Light, fresh and delicious - Oven poached salmon in fish stock served with perfectly cooked prawns and a bowl of shrimp mayonnaise.
    Recipe Tags: Fish
  •  Barbecued Leg of Lamb

    Beautiful pink coloured leg of lamb infused with cloves of garlic, smeared with dangerously delicious spices and cooked in the oven till well done.
    Recipe Tags: Roasted
  • Hot Fruit Punch

    Stir up this soul soothing drink made with fruit juice and warm ingredients like cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger and jaggery. This will keep you cozy on those chilly days.
    Recipe Tags: Beverages
  • Fish Andlouse

    An easy-to-follow fish dish, baked in a divine sauce made from tomatoes and an eclectic mix of fresh and dry herbs.
    Recipe Tags: Bake
  • Prawn and Pork on Sugarcane Sticks

    A fine prawn and pork mix wrapped around perfectly shaped sugarcane sticks and deep-fried till crispy and golden brown.
    Recipe Tags: Sugarcane
  • Breakfast Fish Cakes

    Char-grilled chunks of fish are teamed with potatoes, nutmeg, butter and cream to make patties that are shallow fried.
    Recipe Tags: Seafood
  • Chicken Mulligatawny Soup

    Mulligatawny soup is an Anglo-Indian dish. Its name literally means 'pepper water'. It typically uses meat, lentils or rice, turmeric and few other spices.
    Recipe Tags: Chicken
  • Minestrone Soup with Bacon

    Minestrone is a rich Italian soup made with vegetables, pasta or rice and herbs. This version also uses bacon.
    Recipe Tags: Bacon
  • Dahi Shorba

    A soothing Indian-style soup made with yogurt, gram flour, chillies and spices.
    Recipe Tags: Summer
  • French Onion Soup

    Enjoy this light and flavourful soup made of onions, spices with an added twist of white wine. This one is a must try.
    Recipe Tags: Soups
  • Lobhia

    High on flavours and rich in nutrients. Roopa Gulati brings you an interesting way to cook and enjoy black eyed beans.
    Recipe Tags: Indian Food
  • Baked Potato and Aubergines

    Seasoned potatoes and aubergine are layered with a tangy tomato sauce and baked lovely.
    Recipe Tags: Baked
  • Lentil Koftas in Mustard Sauce

    Black lentils soaked and ground to blend with some of the most flavourful spices. Made into beautiful koftas, bathed in aromatic mustard sauce.
    Recipe Tags: Ghar Ka Khana
  • Stir Fried Greens With Coconut Dip

    Garden fresh green veggies stir fried with minimal spices. Enjoy it with refreshing coconut dip.
    Recipe Tags: Healthy