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  • Churma

    Choorma is a flour based traditional Rajasthani sweet. Ladoos made with whole wheat flour, gond and almonds.

  • Moti Roti

    A roti with a distinctive style, made from wheat and gram flour, cooked over a direct flame.

  • Roomali Roti

    Sticky dough made from whole wheat and refined flour, rolled out almost translucent and cooked on a griddle.

  •  Moong Flour Pesarattu

    Pesarattu is a popular traditional Andhra Pradesh dosa made with moong dal and rice flour. This recipe is an amazing pick for a healthy, quick and easy breakfast.

  • Dough For Pizza

    Here is a recipe to make the base of a pizza with flour, yeast and olive oil.

  • Fish with White Sauce

    A yummy dish of pan fried fish covered with white sauce made of butter, milk, refined flour and seasoning. It is an easy and simple recipe as well as very flavourful.

  • Khasta Roti

    Dough made from flour drenched with milk, cumin seeds and ghee, rolled out to make crisp rotis.

  • Panjiri

    The most popular festive delicacy here's for you the Panjiri recipe. Flour cooked with dry fruits, makhanas and gond (gum crystals).

  • Plain Biscuits

    Made out of all purpose flour, these biscuits carry the classic tag.

  • Vegetable Crepe

    Wheat and refined flour crepes stuffed with an assortment of veggies.

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