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    • Diet is a Four-Letter Word

      I believe "diet" is a four-letter word - one that connotes an unsustainable, sometimes self-abusive, short-term fix.

    • An End-of-Summer Soup; Recipe

      With the lingering summer warmth and the plethora of garden vegetables at the market, this shoulder season calls for something fresh and light for dinner. But the cooler nights and demanding daily routines that have set in beckon for something comforting and filling that can ...

    • Why The Mediterranean Diet Works

      The magic of the Mediterranean diet is that it manages to satisfy both chefs and nutritionists. With its bounty of vegetables, fruit, nuts and grains, its garlic and herb seasonings, its luxurious use of olive oil and, of course, good wine, it offers plenty of ...

    • 8 Myths About Drinking Water and Hydration

      It's now the norm to carry around a water bottle as if it's a permanent extension of your arm, so it seems that most of us have bought in to the benefits of proper hydration. But is what you think about your drink more hype ...

    • Oh, What Cherries Can Do For Grilled Radicchio

      Radicchio, although red, certainly qualifies as a grill-friendly "green," and both its royal color and pleasantly bitter flavor deepen beautifully during grilling.

    • What Makes This Tandoori Chicken Salad Different From the Rest

      Poached, chilled chicken breast is a protein-packed blank canvas that's primed to take on just about any palette of flavor and texture you can conjure.

    • Think of Summer Rolls as DIY Packaged Salads

      A single game-changing ingredient can turn summer salads into festive finger food that is sure to elicit oohs and ahhs at a beach or backyard gathering: rice paper rounds, also called spring roll wrappers.

    • Fattoush Meets Greek, and the Mash-Up's Cool

      This big, beautiful bowl of goodness is a mash-up of two traditional Mediterranean salads. It gets its primary flavors from a Greek salad, with feta, scallion, dried oregano and plenty of cucumber and tomato in a lemon-olive oil dressing.

    • The Sauce that Brings Together Tastes of Summer

      Romesco is a flavorful sauce of roasted red peppers, almonds, tomatoes and garlic that hails from the coast of Spain.

    • How to Make a Summer Tart Smart

      As tarts tend to be, it's an ideal ending for an alfresco dinner or a treat with an iced tea in the afternoon. But this one also has another thing going for it: It's better for you.

    • The Surefire Process for a Balanced Smoothie is Literally Bananas

      If the proportions are off, a smoothie can wind up thin, bland or overly sweet, and laden with sugary calories.

    • How to Beat the Bloat (Also Known as Food Baby)

      "I feel so bloated" is a phrase you most likely have uttered yourself or have heard many times from family and friends.

    • The Celebrity Diet Trend That Actually Has Some Science Behind it

      There is some serious science to back this trend, so it is worth paying attention to, but (surprise, surprise) there is a lot of confusing misinformation and hyperbole out there, too.

    • What to Make for the Mom Who Deserves Breakfast in Bed

      Besides aiming to hit what I call the cooking "sweet spot," where delicious and healthful meet, I also have my sights set on the convergence of exciting and easy.

    • Yogurt Culture: An Array Of Options That Is Plain Confusing

      It's amusing that yogurt, which originated as a way to make milk last longer before the days of refrigeration, now makes grocery shopping last longer as we try to make sense of the dizzying selection in the refrigerator case

    • Pineapple on the Grill: The Secret's in the Spice

      Grilling the fruit caramelizes its natural sugars, brings forth its juices and gives it attractive grill marks.

    • Keep it, Scrap it or Cook it: What to do With Old Food

      Here's a primer, along with some simple ways to keep food waste to a minimum.

    • When it Comes to Health, do Meal Kits Deliver the Goods?

      Meal-kit delivery services have grown from a novel start-up concept to a billion-dollar industry. You still do the chopping and cooking, but everything else is taken care of - well, except the dishes.

    • Carb-Rating Scale Isn't Giving You the Full Picture

      It is important to keep in mind that just because a food has a low GI/GL (or is low in calories and high in vitamin C, for that matter) doesn't mean it is healthy.

    • There are Plenty of Fish in the Sea, So Start Eating Them

      Here's some scary news about seafood: Most of us are not eating nearly enough of it. A whopping 80 to 90 percent of Americans do not get the recommended minimum of 8 ounces weekly, according to a recent USDA analysis.

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