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  • How to Cook Perfect Gumbo

    Ask a Cajun who makes the best gumbo and the answer is usually 'mamma'. But should it contain okra or filé powder? Now you're asking.The spectre of gumbo has loomed large over this column for some months: unable to find a source of filé powder ...

  • How to Make the Perfect Pina Colada

    With or without cherries and novelty cocktail sticks, this tropical drink's a winner. But should you go for dark or light rum? Coconut water, coconut milk or something else? And how many paper parasols can you get away with?

  • How to Make the Perfect Greek Yogurt Dip

    Full-fat yoghurt is at the heart of this classic Greek dip, but the additions are up for grabs: should you dice your cucumber or grate it? Is punchy dill or cooling mint the perfect garnish? And how much garlic is too much?

  • How to Cook the Perfect Caponata

    Aubergine is the star of this classic sweet and sour Sicilian vegetable dish but the rest of the ingredients are up for debate. Are fresh tomatoes a must? And is it worth slipping in a bit of chilli or chocolate?

  • How to Make the Perfect Som Tam

    Addictively hot and refreshingly crunchy, this Thai staple has been called the worlds best salad. But how long should you pound those chillies and how do you master that all-important texture for the shredded ingredients?

  • How to Make the Perfect Frozen Yoghurt

    Make your own Froyo to avoid the extra sugar and additives found in some shop-bought varieties as well as the hefty price tag.

  • How to Cook the Perfect Buffalo Wings

    This American Super Bowl classic has made its way across the Atlantic but will using anything but the popular Frank's brand of hot sauce make them any less authentic? And should you bake or fry them for deliciously crispy skin?

  • How to Make the Perfect Summer Cup

    The sun's out, which must mean it's Pimm's o'clock or time for a DIY version of the bittersweet digestif. But, should you pair your gin with vermouth or with sherry? And should you pare back your garnish or go for a full-on fruit salad?

  • How to Make This Perfect Fudgy Butterscotch Treat

    It may not enjoy the fame of its younger cousin, the brownie, but this dense, fudgy, butterscotch treat is every bit as rich and delicious.

  • How to Make the Perfect Focaccia

    This olive-oil soaked Italian bread is delicious topped with sun-dried tomatoes or olives, but should you go for plain flour to produce a soft crumb, or strong flour and semolina for a chewier texture?

  • How to Make the Perfect Fudge

    Really good fudge is one of those things that is simple to make, but all-too-easy to muck up without a good idea of what youre after.

  • How to Make the Perfect Omelette Arnold Bennett

    Do you use smoked haddock or another fish? Hollandaise, bechamel, double cream or all three? And which other elaborate breakfasts are worth getting up an hour early to make?

  • How to Make the Perfect Mango Lassi

    Lassi comes in two distinct varieties: sweet and salty. Refresh yourself this summer by enjoying this delicious mango lassi.

  • How to Make the Perfect Taramasalata

    Savoury food of the Greek gods or pungent pariah of the picnic? Do you use salted or savoury roe, what do you serve it with - and will anyone admit to a passion for the bright pink, ready-made variety?

  • Felicity Cloake's Guide to Eating Your Way Through General Election Night

    From the Fairtrade Natalie Bennett cocktail to the Tory just desserts, there's something for everyone determined to stay up as the 2015 results come in.

  • How to Cook the Perfect Creme Caramel

    Does this gently jiggling French fancy need cream or milk, caster sugar or muscovado - and how do you get it to set without going rubbery?

  • How to Cook the Perfect Coq Au Riesling

    Is coq au riesling a fresher alternative to coq au vin or its poor northern relation? Would you add black pudding, grapes or even dill and where can you find good-value riesling?

  • How to Cook the Perfect Cheese Grits

    Do you use grits, cornmeal or polenta; cook them in stock, milk or water; and add garlic, onion or chilli? Can grits ever be too cheesy and are they best with bacon for breakfast or shrimp for supper?

  • How to Make the Perfect Devilled Eggs

    A retro canape, but an wickedly popular one. Do you prefer yours with an almighty kick or just a hint of heat?

  • Rejoice, Rejoice, for Sriracha Powder is On Its Way

    Now the hot stuff is bound to be even more ubiquitous popcorn, ketchup, crisps and I cant wait to get my hands on the powder.

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