• Is MasterChef Winner Justin Narayan Opening New Restaurant? Find Out

    In an interview with ANI, Justin, a Fijian Indian who lives in Australia, spoke about his culinary journey so far and his future plans.

  • Bengal Sweet Shops To Remain Open For Eight Hours During Lockdown

    Amid the lockdown, sweet shops in West Bengal will be allowed to operate for eight hours everyday, said Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

  • 41 Pc Milk Samples Of Poor Quality, 7 Pc Samples Unfit To Consume: FSSAI Survey

    The milk survey was conducted from May 2018 to 2019, covering all States and Union Territories with the objective of monitoring the safety and quality of liquid milk in the country.

  • London Debuts World's First Cheese Conveyor-Belt Restaurant

    Pick & Cheese, which recently launched in Seven Dials Market in Covent Garden, has a 40-meter conveyor belt that serves a seemingly endless supply of cheese to its diners.

  • Arizona's Mint Dispensary, A Restaurant That Adds Weed To Everything

    Mint Dispensary, a unique store/restaurant in Arizona offering the likes of chicken wings dressed with THC, the active ingredient of marijuana.This emporium of the marijuana plant, located in the Phoenix suburb of Tempe and visited daily by some 1,000 customers, sells everything imaginable related to ...

  • Higher Consumption Sugary Drinks May Increase Cancer Risk: Study

    If the findings of a latest study are to be believed, sugary drinks may be associated with an increased risk of cancer.

  • Turkish Cuisine: Here's A List Of Must-Taste Turkish Desserts

    If you're lucky enough to be travelling to Istanbul, you better pack a healthy appetite and a pair of stretchable pants. Here is a list of must-eats for when you are in Turkey.

  • The Future Of Food: Can Lab-Grown Insect Meat Be A Future Food?

    Given the harmful effect livestock farming poses for the planet, researchers have proposed plant-based diets, insect farming, lab-grown meat, and genetically modified animals as an alternative to livestock farming.

  • Taxes, Labelling Are Effective In Reducing Sugar Consumption

    Taxes on sugary products and labels on the packages can help reduce sugar consumption, recent findings suggest.

  • Samosa With Aloo? Nah! Try These 6 Fusion Samosas Instead

    Are you a true samosa lover? If yes, then head out and give yourself a treat with these mouth-watering fusion delicacies!

  • Gordon Ramsay Shocks Twitter With His 'Going To Give This Vegan Thing A Try'

    Michelin star chef Gordon Ramsay appeared to have taken a U-turn from his stand of mocking the plant-based diet as he announced on Tuesday to try the vegan diet

  • Milk Ingredient May Help You In Getting a Slimmer Waistline

    A natural ingredient found in milk may help slash your extra kilosResearchers have found that this milk ingredient, known as nicotinamide riboside, could protect mice against obesity, even as the animals continue to enjoy diets that are high in fat.The...

  • Now, Goggles Will Make Food Appear 50 PC Larger in Size

    A pair of goggles created by Japanese scientists is the latest advance in the battle of the bulge.The goggles fool a person's brain into believing their stomach is full by making food appear to be larger than actual size.Developed by the researchers at...

  • Gold Plated Dosa in Bangalore a Huge Hit

    A restaurant in Bangalore is witnessing large footfalls, since the debut of their latest delicacy, a gold-plated dosa, which is priced at a whooping Rs. 1,011. One of the restaurateurs chanced upon the idea of creating these unusual delicacies, when he...

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