11 Best Mango Recipes | Easy Mango Recipes

Mango Recipes: With the summer season on its peak, the only good thing about it is the fruits it bears! Its the season of mangoes and we've got the best of our mango recipes for you to prepare at home.

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11 Best Mango Recipes | Easy Mango Recipes

Mango Recipes: What's the best thing about summer? Certainly, mangoes! Juicy, sweet and absolutely divine, this king of fruits is much loved and most looked forward to. With a number of varieties to offer like Alphonso, Chaunsa, Dashehari, Langra, Kesar, Totapuri etc., India leads the production of mangoes in the world. The sweet taste of mangoes underlined with a subtle tang has created many fans across the globe. But, we tend to overlook how amazingly healthy mangoes also are.

Here are 4 amazing reasons to eat more mangoes this season:

1. Lowers cholesterol: Mangoes contain fiber, pectin and vitamin C which help in lowering the bad cholesterol. It also contains potassium which helps in controlling blood pressure and maintaining the heart rate.

2. Remedy for skin problems: Mangoes are a great source of beta-carotene which helps in promoting healthy and glowing skin.  Beta-carotene gets converted into Vitamin A in our body which protects the cells from damage.  Vitamin A also helps in improving the eyesight. Mango pulp is rich with vitamin c, which can be applied to the face to make it soft and supple.


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3. Aides in digestion: Mangoes are rich in fiber which makes digestion easy. They also contain certain enzymes that help in breaking down the proteins, ease-up the assimilation of food and elimination of waste from the body. Amchoor or dry mango powder also acts as a digestive aid.

4. Protects against heat strokes: Mangoes can protect you against heat strokes. Drinks like aam panna or mango lassi hydrate your body and eradicate the feeling of dryness. According to Ayurveda, mangoes energize the entire system and regulate blood flow.

Bung them in salads, smoothies or curries. Pickle them, make chutneys or create lovely desserts. Here are our top 11 ways of using mangoes creatively:

Comments1. Raw Mango Rasam

Traditionally known as mangaai rasam, this dish comes from down South. Fiery spices teamed with the tang of raw mangoes makes for a dream combination on a sunny day. You can make these as an accompaniment for lunch.

A wonderfully spiced rasam is all you need to spice up your lunch menu.

2. Corn and Raw Mango Salad

This healthy and hearty salad can cheer you up instantly. Toss together corn, spring onions, bell peppers, cherry, tomatoes and herbs pepped up with chunks of raw mango. A crunchy, refreshing salad to pack for a mid-day meal.

SaladA refreshing, crunchy mango salad for all your hunger pangs.

3. Chilled Mango Cheesecake

Everyone's favourite dessert made with the most popular fruit! Cheesecake is the dream dessert we all crave and when it is made with cream, hung curd and mangoes, it just can;t get any better! Round off an idyllic afternoon with friends by turning the spotlight on this stunning, impressive dessert. This recipe replaces cream cheese with hung curd and regular cream.

Mango CheesecakeCheesecake made with mangoes, do we need to say anymore?

4. Mango and Mint Kheer

The much loved Indian dessert gets a refreshing fruity makeover! Rice kheer with mango puree, nuts, mint, saffron and cardamom. A fruity twist to an all time favorite Indian dessert.  Celebrate the festive season with this luscious, dreamy kheer recipe.

Mango Kheer Enjoy this rich and creamy mango and mint kheer recipe after a hearty dinner.

5. Eggless Mango Mousse

A light and lovely mousse to sweeten the prick of the sunniest of days. Juicy mangoes, fresh cream and the aroma of cinnamon make it the perfect summer dessert. This is a refreshing, cool dessert to beat the summer heat.

Mango MousseA delicious, seasonal dessert, this mango mousse is perfect after a sunny brunch.

6. Aam Shrikhand with Mango Salad

A comforting dessert that'll cool you right down! Made with the soothing flavours of yogurt, cream, milk, mangoes and cardamom, whip this up to escape the heat. Mango with Shrikhand is a heavenly combination one can have in summers!  Shrikhand being a creamy and luscious Indian dessert is paired with the king of fruits.

ShrikhandExtract the best of this pulpy summer fruit with this delicious recipe which sounds as delicious as it can get.

7. Mango Rice

This refreshing salad is also called as 'Yum Mamuang'. With the crunchiness of peanuts and freshness of mint, this Thai salad is served on a bed of lettuce. Pair with rasam or curd, or just eat as is, the tangy and spicy taste will just get on your taste buds like nothing else!

A quick and easy rice recipe, mango rice is ideal for a lazy day.
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8. Mango Ice Cream

What can be better than home-made ice cream on a hot summer's day? Just a handful of kitchen ingredients and mangoes is all it takes to make luscious, delicious scoops of mango ice cream. We show you how to make ice-cream at home without an ice-cream maker and in few simple steps.

Mango Ice creamWith a blend of mangoes, cream and milk, create some magic this summer!

9. Raw Mango (Kaccha Aam) Chutney

Nothing like this fresh mango chutney to enhance those dull meals. A tangy and spicy condiment prepared from raw or unripe mango which is typically eaten as a side dish. It is a spicy dip which is popularly prepared during summer season or mango season.

aam ki chutney recipe
This delicious aam chutney, if stored in an airtight container can have a long shelf life.

10. Aamiya ka Panna

A refreshing summer drink, aam panna acts as an Ayurvedic remedy for heat strokes and keeps you hydrated all day. Made with mango pulp, cumin, jeera and mint leaves, you'll love the freshness of this drink.

Aam Panna
Aam panna is the most popular beverage during the summers.

11. Mango Lassi Ice Cream

Have a sweet tooth but calories get the better of you? Your wish for low calorie desserts might just have come true. This stunning dessert made with fresh mangoes, yogurt and honey is low on calories and worth every bite. All your mango filled dessert cravings end right here!

mango lassi ice cream recipe
A low calorie mango ice cream is actually a thing, and you just got lucky!
Let this summer season be all about these mango recipes. With new one cooked each day, summers seems to be sorted.

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