13 Best Corn Recipes | Easy Corn Recipes

Corn is a wonder crop that can get us rid of most of our probable nightmares this summer. Here are 13 of our best corn recipes with step by step process for you to easily cook at home!

Sparshita Saxena, NDTV  |  Updated: June 30, 2020 16:49 IST

13 Best Corn Recipes | Easy Corn Recipes

Best corn recipes to prepare at home.

Corn Recipes- Braving and bearing the brunt of summers can be quite challenging. From health to skin and hair, maintaining all can certainly be daunting. We often underestimate the goodness and power of natural resources to combat most of our everyday health concerns. Surprisingly, corn is one such wonder crop that can get us rid of most of our probable nightmares this summer.

Why We Must Include Corn In Our Diet | Benefits of Corn

Good for digestion

During summers it is ideal to consume foods that are light on stomach. Corn is high on fiber which facilitates proper digestion warding off numerous digestive problems including constipation.

Power packed with energy

One tends to lose a lot of essential bodily fluids during summers and in that situation the energy levels take a dip as well. Corn is full of starch, water content and is high in carbohydrates which provides for long term energy. This is particularly beneficial for athletes as they require more carbs to optimize their performance.


For glowing skin

The scorching heat and the play of dry spells of weather can cause immense damage to skin and hair. Take a sigh of relief as corn is a one stop solution for all your skin and hair woes. It is a good source of vitamin C, thiamin, niacin, vitamin E and other minerals and antioxidants that are essential for skin care. It contains lycopene which fights against UV rays and assists in the increased production of collagen that ensures radiantly smooth skin. 

corn new

Damage control for hair

Summer is supposedly the worst for hair. Hair care and maintenance becomes quite challenging with excess heat dust and UV rays blazing hot on you everyday. No amount of cosmetics or external application will help unless we eat right. Consumption of corn strengthens hair follicles and speeds up collagen production, thus maintaining smooth and silky hair. Topical use of hot corn oil can help prevent dryness of the scalp and hair loss.

Long term benefits

Including corn in your diet can result in long term health benefits as well. The essential minerals, vitamins and antioxidants can help combating anemia, diabetes, hypertension, increased cholesterol levels, heart risks and even Alzheimer's disease. Recent research has established that corn contains ferulic acid which helps in fighting cancerous tissues and tumours in breasts and liver.

How to eat corn, differently!

The best thing about cooking is the freedom that you get to try things out, to experiment and to create an appetizing masterpiece of your own by a calculated yet bold mix and match of ingredients and flavors. Yet, foods like corn have mostly and widely remained underrated on the Indian plate. Whereas western cuisines have experimented and incorporated corn effortlessly, it's only in the recent past that we are finding that it is now being liberally used with Indian flavours. If the taste isn't enough to make you bite into it, its health quotient could.

This time around in our top 13 special we bring you some of our novel corn recipes. Go ahead, give them a try!

1. Corn Fritters

A snack that you just can't resist picking up. Clusters of corn, gram flour and spices, fried crisp. With freshly made roasted bell pepper sauce, serve in style! These are snacks that have all the benefits of corn and are tasty so the kids would love to munch on these. Made quick and easy served with a spicy bell pepper sauce.

cornA delicious fried corn recipe to add on your dinner party menu as an appetizer. Perfect finger food served with delicious accompaniment.

2. Spiced Simmered Corn

This gentle curry with the soothing flavours of fresh coconut, coriander leaves, yogurt and milk is a celebration for your senses. Pair this luscious corn recipe with steamed rice for a whole meal for lunch or dinner. It is healthy, fulfilling and easy to cook.

cornPerfect, luscious gravy corn recipe hat you can have for dinner too.

3. Bhutteyan Da Kebab

Watch out for this one, an unconventional avatar of kebabs. A beautiful mix of grated corn, potatoes, mild spices complete with oozing cheeseMake these corn kebabs as an appetizer for your next dinner party and serve with a chutney of your choice.

kebabTasty and easy corn kebabs to have along with tea or a snack option for parties, crispy and filled with a variety of spices.

4. Handi Corn Sabzi

Corn cooked with a savory play of desi spices. With jaggery and tamarind, char-grilled corn that is sweet and sour in one bite. This one will leave your taste buds tingling! Make this for lunch or a dinner party and pair with some cooked rice for a wholesome meal.

sabziA delicious and healthy corn sabzi to cook for lunch or a dinner party.

5. Corn and Pomegranate Chaat

This hearty and healthy mix is what you need after a long day's work. Packed with varied flavours of corn, pomegranate, orange, mustard and tamarind, you'll love the freshness of this corn recipe. This is a healthy bowl of meal that wouldn't take much of your time and is the most fuss-free recipe to make. Flavourful and healthy, the combination you shouldn't miss!

chaatTangy, healthy and delicious corn chaat for those mid-day hunger pangs!

6. Potato and Corn Soup

Come home to this comforting bowl of soup made with the ever so versatile yet humble ingredients - potato and corn. The freshness of herbs like basil, parsley and rosemary will get you hooked to this recipe! Make this hot bowl of soup on a winter evening and relish it with friends and family. 

soupA warm corn and potato soup with the goodness of tomatoes and a bit of white wine.

7. Baby Corn Pakodas

Who can say no to these crisp bites? This time around we tried marrying the Western texture of baby corn with Indian flavours and result was simply irresistible! Crispy and filled with spices, these pakodas would be your best friend during the rains.

pakodasHot and crispy corn pakodas to enjoy the rains with a hot cup of tea tea, who would say no?

8. Savory Corn Tarts

A snack that you would not mind your kids filling up on! Freshly baked tarts of maize flour loaded with a filling of mushrooms, spinach, corn, cream and cheese.

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corn tartGo gluten free with these savory maize tarts filled with cheese and vegetable mixture.

9. Potato & Corn Burgers

Try this homemade veggie version and we bet you'll never turn to those takeaway burgers! Patties made with corn, potato, feta cheese and herbs, wrapped in breadcrumbs and shallow fried. Slapped between burger buns with tomato and lettuce, these burgers make for a simple snack.

A filling, delicious evening snack recipe of corn burger that kids would love!

10. Babycorn Bezule with Peanut Chutney

Corn marinated with a miscellany of spices and fried golden in coconut oil. The dish is rounded with a mix of mustard seeds, coriander, fresh ginger and yogurt. Myriad of spices, slathered in deep fried babycorn which is sauteed in yogurt, served with a delicious peanut chutney. A recipe by a gourmet chef that offers a symphony of flavours.


corn peanut chutneyA crunchy babycorn bezule is just the perfect snacking option on a rainy day along with a delicious chutney.

11. Corn and Jalapeno Poppers

A spicy, cheesy and quick snack recipe to savour during the rains. Jalapeno mixed with cheese, corn , fresh cilantro and the tangy lemon. A cheesy heaven the kids would love and the adults wouldn't resist making again and again. 

jalapeno poppersCorn and Jalapeno poppers are a perfect dish for some tea-time snacking!

12. Corn Pulao

With spices, basamati rice and beautiful corn kernels, this corn pulao recipe is just great to pack some for lunch or a quick recipe for dinner. Made in just 30 minutes, corn pulao is healthy, easy, quick and packed with spices and tang of lime.corn pulao

Corn pulao is an easy recipe to have for lunch or dinner that can be cooked in just 30 minutes.

13. Thai Charcoal Roasted Corn

A healthy, nutritious snack with a spicy and tangy bit of flavour, Thai Charcoal Roasted Corn recipe is a different version of the famous Indian 'Bhutta' that we love to have during the Monsoon season.

Enjoy the rains while savouring the delicious roasted corn!
Go on and experiment with this amazing food for some delicious dished to cook loaded on nutrients!

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