11 Healthy Gluten Free Recipes | Easy Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten is a fairly new term for many and a fairly old one for the others. Here are our 11 healthy gluten free recipes you can try at home.

NDTV Food  |  Updated: January 08, 2020 17:22 IST

11 Healthy Gluten Free Recipes | Easy Gluten Free Recipes

Gluten-free recipes you can try at home.

Gluten free recipes- Gluten is a fairly new term for many and a fairly old one for the others. A protein found in wheat, barley, rye and related cereals, it acts as a binding agent, a sort of glue that brings out the elasticity of the dough. In recent years many Indians have found themselves to be intolerant to this protein and are being diagnosed as Celiac. Mostly perceived as 'a disease from the West' it has never been taken seriously in Indian and those found to be gluten intolerant continue to ignore their foodallergy.

However, in certain metros' in India the awareness and acceptance of this disease is gaining prominence. People are not ignoring their symptoms and coming to terms with the big lifestyle change it requires.

Almost all high end shops, and a few kirana stores have started to stack gluten free chips, bread, pasta, cookies and other products. Restaurants across the city are also customizing their menu to accommodate those that are allergic to gluten. Even though the initiative is remarkable, it is yet to trickle down to other parts of society.

On one hand what may seem like an unfortunate life condition, on the other it is also largely being adopted as a health and fitness fad. While there is nothing inherently unhealthy about gluten many consider it a g-free diet to be easy on the stomach.

We've put together a few recipes for those found to be gluten intolerant and for those obsessed with trying a g-free diet.

Here our 11 healthy gluten free recipes:

1. Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

Those who can't eat those delicious cakes stacked at fancy bakeries can now make an even better one at home. The goodness of pure chocolate will melt your heart away.

cakeAn irresistible gluten free cake made with dark chocolate and ground almonds. 

2. Corn Tarts

Rich cheese and grilled vegetables in a light and crispy tart shell. Sink your hands into the flour less dough and bake way.

corn tarts, gluten free recipe
Go gluten free with these savory maize tarts filled with a cheese and vegetable mixture. 

3. Amaranth Tikkis

A quick and easy snack to kill that evening grunt. A gluten free tikki made with amaranth seeds and stir fried vegetables that is sure to please your taste buds. The combination of coriander and red chilli works perfectly and is a refreshing change from the usual masala laden tikkis.

amaranth tikki gluten free
Who would have thought that the humble amaranth could be transformed into something so delicious? 

4. Tapioca Dumpling 

The goodness of saboodana as a healthy steamed dumpling. This gorgeous looking shell lives up to its expectations and is a real delight.


5. Barbequed Corn with Chilli and Lime Butter 

Grilled corn cobs brushed with a zesty mixture of butter, sweet lime, tabasco sauce and seasoning.

A juicy corn cob, chilli, lime, butter and simple 3 steps to perfection. 

6. Ragi Cookies

Enjoy the goodness of calcium rich ragi cookies, and that too guilt free. These fiber heavy energy cookies are an excellent and healthy alternative to regular wheatcookies.

ragi cookies gluten free
Let your family enjoy cookies the guilt free way.

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7. Eggplant and Spicy Rice with Nuts

Short grain rice cooked with marinated baby eggplants, cashews, raisins and almonds. A new spin to those monotonous family dinners.

Served these hot with a cold onion raita.

8. Jowar Medley

This 5 calorie recipe is probably the lightest meal you can put together. Made with crunchy jowar and juicy vegetables, this one is only a few minutes away.

Enjoy a light snack, the guilt free way!

Comments9. Quinoa Lentil Salad

A power packed salad with superfoods like quinoa and lentils. Laced with pomegranate and drizzled with mosambi juice and mustard sauce.

A healthy salad made with superfoods like quinoa, asparagus, lentils and pomegranate.

10. Desi Roast Chicken

Succulent chicken marinated in desispices like cumin powder, garam masala, fenugreek seeds, turmeric and roasted golden.

Succulent chicken marinated in authentic desi spices.

11. Gluten Free Polenta Halwa

The good old halwa is the ultimate Indian dessert that is made across Indian homes on special occasions. What if you could relish the same halwa in a much healthier way? This gluten free halwa made of polenta is exactly what a healthy and delectable sweet treat can be.

0i0is2q8Easy, quick, aromatic and added with the goodness of bananas, this halwa recipe is a great option to prepare for festival parties.

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