11 Best Veg Recipes in Hindi | Indian Vegetarian Recipes in Hindi

Get hold of fresh seasonal veggies and prepare some delightful vegetarian meals for your guests and family members with our 11 best vegetarian recipes in Hindi.

NDTV Food Desk  |  Updated: October 13, 2020 10:04 IST

11 Best Veg Recipes in Hindi | Indian Vegetarian Recipes in Hindi

Here are some of the best Indian vegetarian dishes that you can try at home

  • Matar ke Kabab is a perfect starter for vegetarian meal.
  • Try a healthy recipe with bell pepper and barley
  • Mushroom masala toast is a perfect Sunday morning special.

Confused about what to prepare and your guests are arriving anytime now? During this season, a variety of fresh  and colorful veggies are available in the market, so what are you waiting for? Get hold of fresh seasonal veggies and prepare some delightful meals for your guests and family members. Oh! But you got bored preparing the same old food and want some change? No need to worry because we've got a list of some lip smacking veg recipes in Hindi that are easy to cook and will also break the monotony of the same old stuff you've eating at home. 

Here are our 11 best veg recipes in Hindi that you would love to prepare at home: 

1. Matar ke Kabab

Matar ke kabab is a perfect starter for a vegetarian meal which can be eaten with a variety of chutneys adding to the taste. The combination of these healthy vegetables and exotic flavors of spinach, peas and winter expert ginger, makes a mouth-watering vegetarian recipe in Hindi, which will make a non-veg fan also to love it. 

2. Wholegrain (Atta) Pizza

Beautifully decorated colorful veggies with a delightful topping of tomato sauce and cheese on a flat bread, pizza is favorite for many of us. But all the diet conscious people keep a distance from it as the main ingredient in it is all-purpose flour (maida) which may make it a very heavy meal, not to mention other side effects of eating ‘maida' on a regular basis.  We've got a Wholegrain Atta recipe here which is easy to make, now enjoy delicious slices of home made pizza without worrying about anything. This veg recipe in Hindi will make you fall in love. 

2hcijc88Veg recipes in Hindi: Wholegrain (Atta) Pizza is best for diet conscious people.

3. Kashmiri Paneer

One of the most loved curries and a an important component of any vegetarian spread is a paneer gravy dish. Whether it is guests or your children everybody wants paneer on important occasions. If you are bored already of the usual matar paneer and palak paneer, then try this paneer dish straight from the hills of Kashmir. This vegetarian recipe in Hindi is exactly what you need for dinner. 

1lm82rsgVeg Recipes in Hindi: Kashmiri Paneer with a touch of Kashmir.

4. Chilli Gobi

Indo-chinese dishes are always a hit, be it for a party or a weekend meal at home. This spicy gobi (cauliflower) recipe in Hindi is easy to prepare and needs nothing more than your daily masalas. Your star dish for tonight can be ready in just about 30 minutes. 

uls17mtVeg Recipes in Hindi: Chilli Gobi is an Indo-Chinese recipe.

5. Pesarattu (green gram dosa)

 This recipe is a stunning idea for your breakfast table, bringing with it a South Indian touch with a different flavour. It needs two extra ingredients, moong daal (green gram) and dhania (coriander leaves), and gives the dosa a delightful taste. Try it this Sunday

ef08cl9gVeg recipes in Hindi: Pesarattu (green gram dosa), a south Indian touch with different flavor. 

6. Bell Pepper Stuffed With Barley

Bell peppers are commonly found in all vegetable stalls during the winter months. Barley is a wonderful millet and is known for its many health benefits. This veg recipe in Hindi combines the two for a stunning result which is quick and healthy. You can even use capsicum instead of bell peppers in this recipe. 

marinated bell peppersVeg Recipes in Hindi: Bell Pepper Stuffed With Barley, a quick and healthy recipe. Photo Credit: Istock

7. Mushroom Masala Toast 

Having a toast in the morning with a glass of fresh juice is a common practice in many parts of the world. But why have a plain toast, when you can add taste to your toast with mushroom! Mushroom toast recipe in Hindi would be a perfect Sunday morning special for your kids and family.

8. Kashmiri Khatte Baigan

If your kids, like many others, don't like the taste of baingan (eggplant/brinjal) then you should probably give this recipe a try. Make it with a little less chilli if you like, the but the khatta-chatpata taste is likely to be a hit with everyone at home, including the little ones. Cardamom, cinnamon, onions, tomato, and coriander powder are some of the ingredients that play a major role making this delightful dish. You should definitely give this veg recipe in Hindi a try today. 

fsofjbcgVeg Recipes in Hindi: Kashmiri Khatte Baigan is a must try. Photo Credit: Istock

9. Hing aur Dhaniya ke Chatpate Aloo​

A tasty aloo dish never fails to impress. Its easy and simple to make, and equally tasty so your guests will keep wanting more. A common among Punjabi recipe in Hindi, this dish is a hit anytime of the year.

5l1httigVeg Recipes in Hindi: Hing aur Dhaniya ke Chatpate Aloonever fails to impress. Photo Credit: Istock

10. Masala Chana

Say bye-bye to chips, biscuits, pies and other unhealthy snacks and say hello to healthy snacking with this lip-smacking dish. Chana with a little tadka and some spices is a perfect snack for the evenings. 

f0t93p6Veg Recipes in Hindi: Masala Chana is a healthy snack. Photo Credit: Istock

11. Palak Paneer

This one's for all the paneer lovers out there. Bits of cottage cheese cooked in spinach gravy, palak paneer is an easy-to-make vegetarian recipe, which tastes the best when paired with roti or paratha. You can also serve it with vegetable pulao and raita.

nlev8kgVeg Recipes In Hindi: Palak paneer is an easy-to-make recipe


So these are some delicious recipes for you to try, now go and start preparing one of them for your next meal. We know its tough to decide what to make and what to drop as they all seem super tasty and easy. Happy Cooking!

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